LZRD Padded Compression Grip Shirt - powered by Zoombang

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Color: Black
Size: Adult XS
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In a high-risk sport like football, there are no shortcuts when it comes to safety. The NEW LZRD Padded Compression Grip Shirt proactively reduces the potential for injury while improving performance with the ball, enhancing athleticism and accelerating recovery. 

Strategically placed over the shoulders and across the lower ribs, Zoombang proprietary PolyShields dissipate up to 90% of impact, reducing blunt force transferred to the body. This shirt gives athletes the confidence to put 100% into the game knowing their body is safeguarded by the most flexible, lightweight and powerful protective gear on the planet.

  • Advanced Grip Technology: Our Compression Grip Shirt features the same cutting-edge grip technology as our renowned LZRD Sleeve, ensuring athletes maintain optimal control over the ball while enjoying full upper body coverage.
  • Targeted Protection: Designed with strategically placed padding, this shirt offers targeted support to reduce risk of injury for trapezius muscles, clavicles and lower ribs.
  • All-Weather Performance: Constructed from moisture-wicking fabric, the LZRD Compression Grip Shirt keeps athletes cool and dry in any weather conditions, allowing them to focus on their game without distractions.

The LZRD Difference

Never Lose Grip

Grip tech integrated into the fabric through thread content and construction.

Cool All Day

One-way moisture fabric that keeps you cool and dry.

Ultimate Comfort

Anti-slip silicone to keep you comfortable and secure.

Total Protection

Compression fabric also protects from scrapes and turf burns.