The LZRD Sleeve is engineered specifically to grip the football and protect athlete's arms by preventing abrasions and limiting turf burn. The LZRD Sleeve provides a breathable & snug fit ready for all-day wear.

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NCAA-legal & NFHS-legal, the LZRD Sleeve is engineered to protect athletes' arms by preventing abrasions and turf burns.

US Patent Pending US20220296429A1

  • Moisture Wicking TurboDry™ technology

  • Made Specifically With Comfort & Durability In Mind

  • Provides Protection From Turf Burns & Scrapes

  • Engineered To Grip The Football

Size Chart

Sizing Chart

Maximize Control

Our LZRD elite-grip fabric creates maximum grip and friction ensuring the security of whatever you're carrying. 

Stay Dry

Integrated TurboDry™ moisture removing technology provides superior one-way moisture transport to keep your arm dry.

Limit Abrasions

Our LZRD Sleeve compression fabric provides you with the protection you need to prevent painful scrapes and burns.

What Athletes Are Saying About LZRD Sleeve